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Create 2D Platform Game using HTML, CSS and jQuery – Download Free Project

This project will guide you through 2d game development structure in HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery.

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Although I understand that the project have lots of bugs but this is for learning purpose only to kick-start the learner and to ensure what we can do with jQuery.
You can improve the code and make your own 2D platform game using just HTML, CSS and jQuery and run it on any latest web browser.

Download this free project from this link:

Tutorial – Jquery/CSS – Create 2D Animated Bar Graph using Jquery and CSS

This video will guide you in creating 2D animated bar graph using jquery and css. Basic HTML knowledge is required.

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Bar graphs are useful in business related web applications. This tutorial will show how you can easily create animated bar graphs in a few lines of javascript code.

You can download this free project from the Github link below:

Tutorial – HTML/CSS – Create your own website from scratch using Photoshop and Dreamweaver

This tutorial is for beginners guiding on how they can start creating and design a website from scratch in Photoshop and Dreamweaver. This is very easy and simple video tutorial which will help you in learning web designing and the use of HTML and CSS. It only needs basic knowledge of HTML/CSS and basic Photoshop skills.

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You can download the complete project for free from the download link below

Tutorial – PHP – Create a PHP and Jquery chat system without using MySQL Database

This tutorial will show you how you can easily create your own chat system in PHP using only jquery without MySQL Database. This is basic chat PHP chat system tutorial which you can learn in minutes and it only requires basic knowledge of PHP, Javascript and HTML/CSS. You can implement this chat system in your website, webapp or even in your mobile app (webview application).

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You can download the source code from the github link below:

Android Tutorial for Beginners – Create your first Android app in Android Studio

In this video we will learn building our very first Android app in Android Studio. This is perfect tutorial for the beginners interested in Android development.

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The HD Android video tutorial is recorded on Windows 10 running latest version of Android Studio and Android Emulator.

After learning this tutorial you’ll be able to understand Android layout/ui, creating your own method, handle button click event and showing toast (popup) message.

Before starting this tutorial, make sure you have all the necessary resources and development kits mentioned below.


Android Studio and SDK


Java Platform (JDK)

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